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Vershinin Aleksandr Viktorovich

General Director

Vershinin Aleksandr Viktorovich was born in Rovno, Ukrainian SSR, on May 4, 1960. 1980 — 1984 Student of Alma-Ata Higher Combined Arms Command Academy named after Marshal of the Soviet Union.

Nurakov Alexander Efimovich

Commercial Director

Nurakov Alexander Efimovich was born on 30th of September in 1967. Mr holds an MSc in Applied Nuclear Physics from the Moscow Engineering Physics Institute in 1993 and two years later an MSc in Finance from the International University in Moscow.

Oleg Valeryevich Danilov

Financial Secretary

Oleg Valeryevich Danilov was born in Vladivostok on May 31, 1970. Graduated from University in Vladivostok in 1989 (Diploma with Honour). Majoring: Construction Economics & management.

Malev Nikolay Mikhailovich

Sales Director

Malev Nikolay Mikhailovich was born in Moscow on February 23, 1975. Graduated from Moscow State Technical University in 2000. Majoring: Marketing and Logistics.

Andrei Vladimovich Dyukov

Head of Logistics

was born on the 29th of June 1971, graduated with honours from the Moscow State Institute of International Relations (MGIMO) in 1994 with a degree in International Economics and logistics