Oil Production

Oil business development is among AO NPK Rospromneft strategic goals. AO NPK Rospromneft accounts for the bulk of the oil production. AO NPK Rospromneft is going to increase its annual hydrocarbon production to 50 million tons of oil equivalent by 2020 and maintain that level through 2025. In order to attain these goals, AO NPK Rospromneft will strive for maximum efficiency in the extraction of the remaining reserves from the current resource base by employing its best optimization practices, reducing the cost of proven technologies, and introducing and adopting new technologies on a mass scale. It is planned to establish a new oil production center in the north of the St. Petersburg city, Autonomous Area and to develop assets pertaining to unconventional reserves.

During fist years of fields' discovery oil production was seasonal - in warm season oil was barged by the river to the oil refinery in St. Petersburg city,. In winter time well sites were closed. Climate and landscape of this area made it impossible to use traditional methods to lay out roads, drill wells, construct pipelines and field facilities. In fact, the oil producing division was a real testing ground where various technologies and methods were created and applied to develop fields in severe geological and climatic conditions. The division proved to be a true forge of skilled workers for the whole Komi Republic.

Hydrocarbon development

The AO NPK Rospromneft major activities abroad include oil and gas prospecting, hydrocarbon production, service delivery, and acquisition of new oil and gas assets in the world’s key regions. The AO NPK Rospromneft operates in CIS coutries and Europe.

Further geological surveying projects and the introduction of new methods to increase mine output will make it possible to extend this period by several more decades. AO NPK Rospromneft has major shares holds company that operate the oil production sector that owns an oil field.