Sea & River Transportation

Our work also includes chartering of vessels for the transport of goods from the ports of the Far Eastern region and the organization of stevedoring. As for the Company's plans for capacity and port facilities, our railway transport system has interests and is actively working at the multifunctional transshipment complex "Yug-2" in the commercial port of Ust-Luga and the port of Rajin in North Korea. In April 2014, our railways began to provide a new service designed to facilitate the ports of the Russian Far East and attract additional traffic to the Trans-Siberian Railway. The company began offering a full range of services for the transportation of coal, oil and oil products through the port of Rajin (DPRK) to the Asia-Pacific region. According to our analysts' forecasts, by 2030 the volume of coal, oil and petrochemical products transported to the region will increase by 7.5 times. Therefore, the ice-free sea port of Rajin is of great interest for customers exporting coal, oil and petrochemicals. Rajin is located in the northern part of North Korea, 56 km from the border with Russia. With a depth of 11.5 m, the port can handle ships of up to 40,000 dwt. The terminal berth stretches for 480 meters. The complex has sufficient capacity to transport up to 4 million tons of cargo per year and a total storage capacity of 200,000 tons at any time. The daily loading of vessels is up to 14,000 tons, depending on the tonnage of the vessel.

Pipeline Transportation

In 2014, AO NPK Rospromneft cross the main pipelines that will connect TANECO with the oil pumping station Kaleikino (Almetyevskaya oblast). The root of the delivery will pass through the newly constructed oil pipeline with a length of 118.2 km. Some of our storage facilities are connected to the pipelines that are used to move crude oil from the wellhead to the assembly and processing plants, and from there to oil refineries and tanker loading points. The product pipelines ship gasoline, jet fuel and diesel fuel from the refinery to local switchgears. Crude oil is collected from field collection systems Consisting of pipelines that move oil from the wellhead to storage tanks and treatment facilities where oil is measured and tested. From the collection system, crude oil is sent to a pumping station, where oil enters the pipeline. Booster pumps are located along the pipeline to maintain pressure and maintain oil flow. Pipelines require significantly less energy for operation than the operation of trucks or railways, and have a significantly lower carbon footprint. More importantly, the pipeline, as it turned out, leads to fewer victims, injuries and environmental damage than other options.

Railway Transportation

AO NPK Rospromneft companies work with clients throughout the whole cycle of the formation and execution of orders for the transportation of goods and act on behalf of the customers as a single contractor in relation to all divisions and divisions of Russian Railways. It also guarantees the quality and timeliness of fulfilling orders on behalf of RZD. The corporate transport service supports a network of centers covering the entire territory of the Russian Federation. In addition to basic rail transport services, AO NPK Rospromneft also provide additional solutions: the transport of goods or empty wagons with agreed departure and arrival times, as well as the provision of infrastructure for parking loaded or empty wagons en route on public or private railways. At the request of the sender / The recipient. Subsidiary companies AO NPK Rospromneft also provide information technology support and customer support. Effective rail transport helps to ensure both own product safety, and mobility and a functioning supply chain.

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Tank Storage Provider

We are one of the most successfull in storage Service and we intend to expand our storage facilities. AO NPK Rospromneft Provide storage service to our clients who are in need of storage facilities to store thire products. We operates in four of the Russian largest seaports such as. Ust-Luga Storage Facility, Novorossiysk Storage Facility, Primorsk Storage Facility, Vladivostok Storage Facility


Warehousing, Storage and 3PL services offered by the AO NPK Rospromneft have become an integral part of our client’s requirements. As our clients continued to demand increased savings and efficiencies in their businesses, we have seen our business become at one with theirs. Supply chains have become shorter with ‘Value Added’ services becoming standard practice. The multi task functions carried out by the AO NPK Rospromneft include warehousing and storage.

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